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Secure NFT Contract

Alpha Shares NFT Contract is powerful, audited, secure and customizable

Your very own Mint Page

  • Direct connection to the best devs in the industry

  • Ongoing technical support

Customizable Design

Customizable mint page - we realize your wishes to the smallest detail

All ERC-20’s

Use any ERC-20 token - also your own

Launching with Alpha is different

Launch Problems Founders Face

  • Outdated, too simple, or not-secure solidity contracts

  • Not using contract standards for gas efficiency

  • Incorrect metadata resulting in false traits

  • Broken mint page - results in loss of community trust

  • Security Issues - results in loss of community as a whole

Alpha Shares    
solves this!

Issues at mint*

Other services
*73% of NFT projects have issues at mint due to contract problems or improper NFT generations
Creating Trust

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Our Alpha Team will guide your dreams from seed to fruition.

Our White Glove Services

Focus your efforts on marketing and growing your awesome community. Let us handle the technical side through our proven white glove services by senior audited and kyc’d developers.

We have a 100% launch success rate with 0 issues or hassles.

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Develop and submit your amazing artwork for your PFP or utility NFT project

Contract creation

You focus on community growth and engagement while we create your contracts and securely deploy them in preparation for mint day.

Fair & Transparent

Alpha Pricing


NFT Contract
+ Mint Page
$2,000 +
10% of Mint
Art Generation
+ Mint Page
$2,000 +
10% of Mint
NFT Contract +Art Generation + Mint Page
$3,000 +
10% of Mint

Project Implementation

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Custom Service

Mint with your project token!

Customizable minting tokens (Mint with any ERC-20 tokens)

Your very own Mint Page

Customizable mint page

Whitelists & Tiers

Customizable whitelist or tiered minting

Go get your Alpha Launch!

Stop beating your head against your computer trying to figure out the technical details. That's our job!

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We support you and the NFT scene

Alpha NFT Conference

NFT conference Schedue

Every Thursday 3 - 5 pm EST

Every Thursday Alpha Shares hosts a space where projects from around the world have the chance to present their NFTs  to a growing audience. Each speaker gets roughly 5 minutes to present a professional pitch and gather audience interest.

To take part just fill out our form below.

NFT Artist Space

We love and support the artists that make the NFT space what it is. We also are hosting a new Wednesday NFT Artists Space to showcase one-of-one artists and creators in web3.

Apply for NFT Conference